Airbrushing Tan

The innovative Su-do tanning system produces the most perfect, flawless tan imaginable. Applied over the body to create a rich golden tan that matches your natural skin tones, this tan develops over 5-6 hours and lasts up to 10 days. Wear loose dark clothing and shoes. Exfoliate 24 hours before tanning.

Air Brush a��30 per treatment takes up to 30 minutes or 3 for a��70

Spray tan a��25 per treatment takes 15 minutes or 3 for a��60

Airbrush is a different tanning system takes a little longer and is a finer mist that is applied evenly over the body giving the effect of a real tan. Our most popular tanning system.

Spray Tan is applied with a quicker machine and dries almost instantly giving an express tan – great if you’re in a hurry!


Great results from just 1 hour from application of tan! . Contains more accelerating and penetrating ingredients for a quicker and longer lasting result! DIRECTIONS Leave on 1 hour = light tan 2 hours = Medium tan 3 hours = Dark tan 4 hours = Deliciously Dark tan This Fantastic product will continue to develop after showering This product must be washed off after a maximum of 4 Hours.