Aqua Polish – 30 minutes – a��45.00
A mosturizing exfoliating scrub combined with your own personal blend of essential oils to slough away, dead skin leaving your skin silky smooth.

 Massage – 30 minutes – a��45.00; 45 minutes – a��55.00; 60 minutes – a��75.00
A personalised massage.  This aromatheraphy treatment aids in total relaxation using oils known for their purity, potency and therapeutic qualities. Depending upon your needs, a variety of massage is offered in three time frames.

Soin Velours – 60 minutes – a��85.00
A moisturising body polish treatment which can be invigorating or relaxing. If you prefer invigorating you’ll love the marine mineral salt with its energizing properties. For a more relaxing treatment opt for the moisturizing exfoliating soft plant gel peel. This treatment concludes with a long gentle massage leaving your skin as soft as velvet.

Phyto-Marine – 90 minutes – a��100.00
This slimming body treatment uses a full body mask of either marine clay or micronised seaweed rich in detoxifying anti-fatigue properties. Both choices are completed with precisely targeted healing and stimulating essential oils. This relaxing heated body wrap leaves visible results which undoubtedly will encourage you to return.

Hydralessence Corps – 145 minutes – a��110.00
An effective moisturising and comforting treatment that leaves your skin smooth and velvety. This plant based soft gel peel exfoliates and moisturises with a delicious citrus fragrance, followed by a relaxing massage with a concentrate of active ingredients: ginseng, hop and silicon.

Secret De Beaute – 120 minutes – a��170.00
This head to toe reviver combines marine mineral salts and essential oils for full body exfoliation with a nourishing foot mask and the exceptional hydralessence facial. Tiredness drifts away which leaves you feeling pampered and refreshed with renewed balance.

Aromastone – 90 minutes – a��130.00
A blissful head to toe spa treatment using heated or cooled stones combined with detoxifying, relaxing or energising Yon-Ka essential oils.The stones caress and massage with gentle presence and rhythm.

Plaisir Des Sens “Pleasure of the Senses” – 90 minutes – a��125.00
This re-balancing and utterly relaxing facial with hot stone back massage combines skin hydration with colour gem therapy, working on the Chakra points to alleviate stress and tension whilst brightening your complexion, leaving your skin clean and luminous, and your mind and body rejuvenated with a sense of well-being.


Body Mapping
At The International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica the procedure of analyzing the body has been taken a step further by dividing the body into 14 zones. The Skin Therapist assesses the skin and tissue changes across the 14 zones while dry body brushing. Coupled with observation of posture, movement, and lifestyle consultation, you will receive the most accurate prescription and home care advice. A customised treatment meeting all the individual needs can also be prescribed. The Body Mapping system provides a methodical approach to analyzing the body’s concerns and ensures an accurate record is maintained for future reference.

Indian Head Massage – 45 minutes – a��60.00
The ultimate tension release treatment that harmonises mind and spirit, focusing on pressure points and massage. Feel re-energised, yet totally relaxed after this ancient Ayurvedic ritual.

Back Treatment – 60 minutes – a��80.00
Designed to bring purity and balance to the skin on the back, this treatment will focus on cleansing, skin exfoliation, back massage and masque therapy. Perfect if you are having skin challenges on your back, seasonal skin changes or a special occasion.


The CACI Quantum is the most advanced face and body treatment system available and features specific programmes for slimming, contouring, cellulite and lymphatic drainage. CACI Quantum tackles fluid retention and stubborn fatty areas such as the thighs and buttocks, while promoting rapid inch reduction as it helps to contour and firm underlying muscle and detoxifies surrounding lymph.

Slimtone – 30 minutes – a��35.00; Course of Ten – a��315.00
This offers the ultimate treatment in progressive inch loss whilst enabling more efficient calorie burning. This passive exercise has no discomfort.

Cellulite – 30 minutes – a��35.00; Course of Ten – a��315
Massage has long been established as one of the most effective means of treating cellulite. CACI combines massage with modern technology and the therapeutic benefits of micro-current therapy. For best results combine your treatment with regular exercise and a low-fat diet. Remember always drink plenty of water.

Lymphatic Drainage – 30 minutes – a��35.00
This effective treatment works in synergy with your own body to reduce excess fluid retention. It swiftly removes toxins from the body leaving a general feeling of well-being. It increases your circulation, decreasing sluggishness. Ideal for combating the feeling of lethargy and aids internal cleansing. Lymphatic drainage is perfect for pre-menstrual symptoms alleviating tiredness and bloating. This treatment works well in conjunction with a relaxing facial.