Hands And Feet


Shellac – a��30.00
Manicure – 30 mins – a��30.00
File and Polish – 15 mins – a��15.00
Acrylic Nails – 90 mins – a��50


Pedicure – 60 mins – a��60.00
Mini Pedicure – 30 mins – a��30.00
File and Polish – 15 mins – a��15.00

Six essential steps to blissful soles:

  • Soak in purifying tea tree oil
  • Soften with avocado extract
  • Scrub using natural sugar crystals
  • Hydrate with cooling menthol clay mask
  • Massage using botanical extracts
  • Smooth with skin smoothie leaving your feet refreshed and re-energised

* Please wear open toe footwear to allow polish to dry properly

Reflexology – 60 minutes – a��75.00

Reflexology is the practice of healing conditions through manipulating pressure points on the feet. It helps to relieve tension, improve circulation and promotes the natural function of the related areas.

Although Reflexology does not diagnose or treat specific ailments is has proven successful over time to relieve symptoms or ease pain or discomfort that have manifested themselves physically in the body – either as a result of stress, trauma or disease.